Communication specialists with business acumen
What makes our team stand out are our skills, experience, creativity, tools and teamwork. These ingredients allow us to help businesses achieve their next milestones by offering flexible, transparent and performance-based solutions. And from feedback we receive, we're also quite a pleasant bunch of people to work with.
Thomas Rosenwald
Managing Partner
Joschka Rugo
Managing Director
Johannes Dach
Head of Online Marketing
Nils Leidloff
PR Team Lead
Lukas von Zittwitz
Head of Research
Jeannine Rust
PR Team Lead
Katharina van Wickeren
PR Consultant
Luisa Lindenthal
PR Consultant
Sarah-Lena Knust
PR Consultant
Theresa Mayer
PR Consultant
Carla da Silva
Graphic Designer
Carmen Cracknell
PR Consultant
Ana Aguirre
PR Consultant
Ines Ayari
PR Consultant
Hauke Trauernicht
PR Consultant
Zoë-Denise Weinberger
Office Manager