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Tonka is a Berlin communication and PR agency specializing in modern, integrative and data-driven communication measures.

Tonka offers creative, high-reach public relations with a results-oriented approach.

Modern communication needs creative strategies and ideas. We do not follow a fixed pattern, but offer individual solutions for long-term success. We develop topics that are a topic of conversation.

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We produce engaging PR content and work with SEO (search engine optimisation), social media and influencer marketing.


Content Marketing
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You’re keen to increase your brand awareness, reach a wider audience, and you want to own the conversation in a particular field? You're looking to generate more leads, retain more customers and increase engagement externally as well as internally? Tonka creates efficient, sector and segment-specific content marketing campaigns. And we do that in cooperation with your business to take your online communications to a whole new level.


Most companies want media coverage and online engagement. The problem is that typically they don't always have something newsworthy to say. That's where we come in. We combine our creativity and PR experience with what a business wants to communicate and focus on data to secure wide media coverage.

Social media
Social Media Berlin

Often businesses want to do social media but aren't really sure how to go about it. We're an agency for all things social media marketing. We work with businesses to develop an effective social media strategy, tailored to each business's target audience, and create the content for the relevant platforms.

SEO Agentur Berlin

Google is typically the first port of call when people look for general or product information. Search engine optmisation (SEO) isn't just important to get businesses on a prospect's radar, it's also a retention tool. When your existing clients search for information and your business keeps coming up, it's an endorsement. That's why we have technical and content SEO specialists in-house.

Ad copywriting

We have experienced copywriters in-house who can assist you with professionally written product descriptions for your website. We can write compelling ad copy adapted to the house style of your business.

Graphic Design

The use of visual communication is rapidly growing among businesses. Over 84% of all marketing strategies use images, infographics, typography, iconography, animations to name a few, making a massive impact when passing on information to your audience in a clear and time effective way, leaving a long-lasting impression.

With our team by your side, you'll hit the right tone

As a modern communication agency, Tonka combines different disciplines – PR, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media management and influencer marketing develop their maximum effect carefully coordinated.

At Tonka, we develop communication strategies for companies from start-ups to large corporations and implement them successfully. We pay special attention to data-driven communication measures that make facts understandable and convey messages authentically. Holistic communication that uses synergies and delivers results – that is what Tonka stands for.

PR Agency

As a public relations agency, we are your external press office, conduct topic research, develop editorial plans, create media distribution lists and address relevant media personally. Regardless of whether it is product PR , crisis communication or classic press work , we find interesting approaches and topics.


Creative ideas in abundance, embedded in strategies for long-term, media success! We develop topics for you that are a topic of conversation and stage them exactly where they are relevant. This is how we make your company and your brand visible in the long term.

PR Strategy

Your personal PR managers design individual communication strategies, define target groups and goals and develop target group-specific messages and topic concepts that resonate with the media.

Social Media Management

Successful social media marketing is based on a sustainable strategy and exciting content. As a social media agency, we operate community building and maintenance, dialogue communication on the relevant platforms, reputation management , social media monitoring and evaluation.


From SEO texts to on- page optimization to link building : As professional SEO consultants , we bring your website to the fore in search engines. We also offer SEO workshops for your employees in-house or on-site in our Berlin SEO agency.

Blogger marketing

Blogger outreach is an important part of modern PR. It can be an important multiplier for your company or your product, generate reach and reach the relevant target group.

Influencer marketing

Influencers give your products visibility and credibility. Tonka identifies bloggers, vloggers and social media multipliers who are relevant to you and establishes contacts with them.


In close cooperation with you, we write meaningful advertising texts, product descriptions , advertising slogans and website texts . As a text agency, we combine copywriting with SEO and content that converts visitors to customers.

Team Tonka: Tonka’s team combines expertise, creativity and charm in order to offer its customers a modern, holistic communication approach. As a Berlin based pr agency, we live and work on the pulse of the times and, with our knowledge of the important issues, set the course for our clients‘ success.

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