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We are an international PR backlink, communications and content marketing agency based in the heart of Berlin. We focus on German, English and Spanish-speaking markets.

We help our clients get the most out of their communications strategy by conveying their messages in a compelling way.

Our approach differs from conventional PR. We find topics that are of genuine interest to the media, develop powerful, data-driven stories, and use our network to secure wide media coverage.

In addition to this, we generate high-quality PR backlinks to boost traffic to our clients’ websites, generating more online leads.

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We produce engaging PR content and work with SEO (search engine optimisation), social media and influencer marketing.


Content Marketing
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You’re keen to increase your brand awareness, reach a wider audience, and you want to own the conversation in a particular field? You're looking to generate more leads, retain more customers and increase engagement externally as well as internally? Tonka creates efficient, sector and segment-specific content marketing campaigns. And we do that in cooperation with your business to take your online communications to a whole new level.


Most companies want media coverage and online engagement. The problem is that typically they don't always have something newsworthy to say. That's where we come in. We combine our creativity and PR experience with what a business wants to communicate and focus on data to secure wide media coverage.

Social media
Social Media Berlin

Often businesses want to do social media but aren't really sure how to go about it. We're an agency for all things social media marketing. We work with businesses to develop an effective social media strategy, tailored to each business's target audience, and create the content for the relevant platforms.

SEO Agentur Berlin

Google is typically the first port of call when people look for general or product information. Search engine optmisation (SEO) isn't just important to get businesses on a prospect's radar, it's also a retention tool. When your existing clients search for information and your business keeps coming up, it's an endorsement. That's why we have technical and content SEO specialists in-house.

Ad copywriting

We have experienced copywriters in-house who can assist you with professionally written product descriptions for your website. We can write compelling ad copy adapted to the house style of your business.

Graphic Design

The use of visual communication is rapidly growing among businesses. Over 84% of all marketing strategies use images, infographics, typography, iconography, animations to name a few, making a massive impact when passing on information to your audience in a clear and time effective way, leaving a long-lasting impression.

With our team by your side, you'll hit the right tone

Your clients get their information from a wide range of sources. We use PR, SEO (search engine optimisation), social media and influencer marketing to communicate your message effectively. Each piece of material is tailored for the relevant channel to obtain maximum impact.

Sometimes we implement larger communication strategies, other times we work just on focused campaigns. We serve businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to well-known multinationals, spanning industry sectors including travel, retail, finance, lifestyle, technology and professional services.

Tonka stands for data-driven, well-balanced communications. Tonka stands for results.

PR Agency

We take on all the typical tasks you would expect from a good public relations agency. As your outsourced media relations department, we research topics, put together communications plans, maintain distribution lists and nurture media relationships.

With Tonka you will always have a competent specialist by your side, whatever your brand, product or crisis communication requirements.


We are creative, full of ideas and have the knowledge, skills and experience to turn our ideas into successful campaigns that help clients generate more business.

Our stories don’t need selling; we come up with topics and turn them into stories that the media will want to cover and your target audience will want to talk about. What better way is there to put across the message of your business?

PR Strategy

We take the time to really understand your business priorities and ambitions. We can also help you better understand and segment your audience. That’s important because at no time in history have people had access to as much information as we have today. To get your voice heard, content needs to be relevant to the audience you’re addressing. And the messaging needs to be spot on, not just for each audience segment but also for each communication channel.

Social Media Management

Are you harnessing the power of social media? Most businesses aren’t and that’s often both a missed opportunity and a reputational risk.

Social media doesn’t need to take up a lot of time and resources but it does require a solid strategy and good content. We help businesses identify which platforms they should be on, how they can engage with a growing community and who in the business should be contributing to social media.


The algorithms behind today’s powerful search engines act increasingly like humans. Essentially what that means is that you should aim to make your online presence as userfriendly as possible. As SEO specialists we support businesses with SEO-optimised copy, on-page optimisation, and high-quality backlinks. We also offer SEO training for content creators across our clients’ businesses.

Blogger marketing

Blogger outreach has become an important element of today’s business communications. There’s usually an element of trust between a blogger and their audience. That’s why securing mentions and backlinks from bloggers can be so valuable.

We ensure influential bloggers in your field know and write about you, and link to your website.

Influencer marketing

In addition to bloggers, there are many other people who influence your target audience. Finding those people requires a large network, time and resources.

We’ve already done all the hard work for you and know where to find the influencers relevant to your audience. They include social media influencers, vloggers and public speakers.


Whatever your content needs, we’ll support you. This can include user journey optimisation, ad copy or advertorials, or something quick and simple such as social media posts. Our content marketing professionals will take your value proposition and style guidelines into account, and work with the relevant client departments to create copy that positions your business as a thought leader.

Team Tonka: What makes our team stand out are our skills, experience, creativity, tools and teamwork. These ingredients allow us to help businesses achieve their next milestones by offering flexible, transparent and performance-based solutions. And from feedback we receive, we’re also quite a pleasant bunch of people to work with.