About Us

Communications & PR agency

Tonka is a PR and communications agency based in Germany, with a presence in the UK. We’ve grown from our humble beginnings as an agency for Berlin-based businesses to a well-known communications brand serving clients across Germany, the UK and other European countries. Our campaigns reach audiences far beyond the European borders.

We work for businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to large multinationals.

You can expect truly creative solutions

What makes our business are our people. We have a team of highly qualified professionals with the right depth and breadth of knowledge and skills to be able to offer our clients unique solutions that have a positive impact on their business. We’re headquartered in an open, modern office in Berlin Moabit, which gives us the ideal environment to come up with solutions that are creative and effective.

Having been active in the UK market for a number of years, we’ve recently added a presence in Hertfordshire and are now expanding our UK client base. Our research has shown that just like in Germany, our all-encompassing approach to business communications is very different from what other UK agencies are offering. We’ve also taken our performance-based pricing structure with us to the UK.

Why Tonka is a different kind of communications agency

There are three key aspects that differentiate us:

1. Our ability to come up with topics that are of genuine interest to the media, particularly the media that write for our clients’ audiences.

2. Data-driven communications. Facts work well in the media and they grab the audience’s attention.

3. Our all-encompassing approach to communications. Our clients’ audiences use various channels and so do we, including online and offline media, search engine optimisation and social media as well as content and influencer marketing. We have specialists in all these areas.

At Tonka, we think like a news room, we think in headlines. Just like a group of journalists, we discuss what excites people and what worries them, and how we can tell our clients’ stories in a way that matches what people want to read.

Once we’ve got a new topic, we do our research, use data wherever possible and create compelling stories. We don’t do ‘no-news’, meaning stories that have no news value. We’re here to add value to our clients’ audiences and the media.

Tonka stands for performance

In our creative office we have a very structured approach. We run a business in the same way as our clients run their businesses. So we understand that our topics need to make sense commercially. How do resources compare to the outcome? How much value would a new topic add?

We do a lot of our research in-house. And when it comes to data, we believe that there’s at least one good story in every data set. We uncover that story and use our skills and experience to weave the key messages that a client wants to bring across into the story.

Sometimes we watch 1,000 episodes of a television series to draw a comparison, call a vast number of regional offices to establish the cost of parking in each region, or even do a complete research study. Whatever it takes, we’re creative and aligned with our clients’ business goals.

Conventional PR versus storytelling

The simple reason why we are able to continuously find new topics is that for a decade we haven’t just worked with the media but as part of the media landscape. That allows us to gauge what topics work now but also see up and coming trends before everyone else jumps onto them, so that our clients get in first.

Many of our clients have fantastic products and services and they’re often stories in themselves. We know the right journalists for those stories, journalists who really understand and appreciate what our clients do. Sometimes they’re journalists from the large broadsheets, others work for the trade press, write blogs or work on a popular radio or television programme.

We’re a communications agency for all your communication needs

If you had to summarise what we do in a few words then we’d say that Tonka isn’t just about PR tools and tactics that have worked for agencies in the past; we help our clients use to the full what today’s world of communications has to offer. We think client messaging, we think multiple channels, we think owning a conversation, brand awareness and lead generation.

Drop us a line or visit our offices when you’re in Berlin. We’re always here for a chat about your business’s communications.