Social media

Often businesses want to do social media but aren't really sure how to go about it. We're an agency for all things social media marketing. We work with businesses to develop an effective social media strategy, tailored to each business's target audience, and create the content for the relevant platforms.


Your social media agency

For efficient community engagement strategies

early 2.5 billion people worldwide are on at least one social media platform. The scope and reach of social media is unprecedented. There are significant business opportunities but also reputational risks.

It’s impossible for a business to be on every social media platform out there and it wouldn’t be of benefit anyway. We’ll help you establish which social media platforms are important for your business. As your social media agency, we develop social media strategies and messaging for the relevant platforms. We turn your social media followers into brand ambassadors!

With our holistic approach to social media marketing – a combination of strategic advice, platform and content management as well as monitoring – you’ll enhance brand awareness, drive more traffic to your website and build relevant social media communities. Our aim here is to help our clients generate more business, both from new and existing customers. Social media isn’t just a great lead generation tool, it’s also used for retention because social media engagement helps strengthen client relationships.


Social media management

Strategic social media management requires well thought-through plans and a social media manager who keeps everything on track. As your partner and community manager, we take on your social media management, search for emerging trends, plan campaigns, engage with your community and deal with negative comments.


Social media strategy

You’ll need a solid strategy if you want to do successful social media marketing. Just like marketing overall, what you do on social media should support business objectives and bring across corporate values and messaging. We support businesses from identifying and segmenting their target audience and researching which social media platforms prospects and clients use to developing content plans, finding topics that resonate to drafting content.


Reputation management

With the amount of products and services to choose from, a business’s reputation is now more important than ever. While social media helps you build stronger relationships with clients and get constructive feedback, people also won’t hold back criticism. Typically, reacting fast and posting honest, though-through answers will keep cirticism at bay. Sometimes, however, no reply is best. It really depends on the situation and who’s posting criticism and how. With us, you have an experienced partner by your side for any kind of crisis communications.


Social media monitoring

Social media is interactive, social media is immediate. That’s why ongoing social media monitoring is essential to run and measure your campaigns, drive engagement, take advantage of topics your audience is discussing and see trends as they emerge. We don’t only compile information and stats for you, we also show you how to interpret them in the context of your business targets and priorities. In addition, we help our clients act on the insights they’ve gained.


Twitter management

Each social media network has its own rules, and content should be created in accordance with those rules. Certain content works on Twitter but not on Facebook, for example, or the other way around. Generally speaking, when content looks like you’ve created one piece for all platforms, it won’t get you much engagement because a) it may not take full advantage of the features the platform offers and b) it’s a bit as if the audience thinks if the content creator couldn’t be bothered then they won’t bother looking at the mass-produced content. As a social media agency, we know what content works best on each platform.


Facebook management

Facebook is flooded with content and advertising. So it’s particularly important to understand the context in which your community will see your posts. How do you break through the noise? How do you add value? We create Facebook campaigns that inform, entertain and engage the audience to help you stand out, grow your community on the platform and build trust.