Content Marketing

You’re keen to increase your brand awareness, reach a wider audience, and you want to own the conversation in a particular field? You're looking to generate more leads, retain more customers and increase engagement externally as well as internally? Tonka creates efficient, sector and segment-specific content marketing campaigns. And we do that in cooperation with your business to take your online communications to a whole new level.


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The gold standard of online communication

ontent marketing means using the right content for the right channel at the right time. It’s about communicating with various audience segments in a way that does not only engage but inspire them. Businesses with an effective content marketing strategy reach more and, most importantly, more relevant people, increase website visits and brand awareness, build online communities, gain brand ambassadors and enhance their online search profiles. Great content is the perfect way to attract high-quality backlinks for SEO. It also helps businesses own the conversation in their target areas.

To a large degree, content marketing is about generating more leads, more relevant leads. What you’re selling is no longer a product or a service, the focus is on the benefits your products and services offer customers. Content marketing empowers businesses to communicate exactly those products’ or services’ benefits that matter the most to specific client segments. Benefits can address pain points or evoke excitement. Essentially, good content marketing helps potential customers picture themselves post-purchase, seeing exactly what the product or service can do for them. Content marketing is about building an emotional relationship with the customer and about encouraging loyalty. As such, it’s not just a powerful lead generation but also a retention tool in a marketer’s toolbox.


Complete content marketing solutions

Tonka offers you a complete content marketing solution. We put together a solid content marketing strategy and identify topics that really resonate with the media. You tell us which of our topics you want rolled out and when, and we do not just all the research for you but also draft the relevant content marketing collateral, from website and landing pages to press releases. By doing the media outreach and media relationship management for you, we give you access to our extensive network.


Effective content marketing strategies

Successful content marketing campaigns are based on well-thought-through content marketing strategies. Each business has its own content universe from which we can extract powerful stories. We identify those stories that resonate particularly well with your target audience and the media outlets that serve your target audience, so that our content significantly contributes to you achieving your overall business objectives.


Your content marketing agency

We develop a lot of our topics and stories ourselves and some we develop in close cooperation with our clients. No matter how the topics come about, we ensure that they are relevant to your business and have the potential to reach a wide audience. We then use our large network to bring your content to life across a variety of media outlets. In addition to large volumes of valuable media clippings, we use our media partners to secure high-quality backlinks.


Risk-free content marketing

Tonka’s tailored approach gives you the freedom to decide whether you want to choose content marketing on a retainer to help you budget or go for our performance-based approach, which means you only pay for results.