Ad copywriting

We have experienced copywriters in-house who can assist you with professionally written product descriptions for your website. We can write compelling ad copy adapted to the house style of your business.


Your ad copywriting agency

Creative and effective ad copy that sells your products and services

owerful print and online advertising copy is essential to any marketing strategy. We use our understanding of your industry sector, business and audience to come up with concepts that drive sales. We possess the creative and business skills at Tonka, as reflected in the work we produce. Our ad copy and taglines tell prospective customers how your product or service adds value.

Use us as an extension of your marketing team for the services you cannot do in-house. Get ad lines and taglines that attract attention and SEO-optimised ad copy that is fully aligned with your business objectives. We often work together with our clients’ product teams.


Copy for product descriptions

Get more sales online with product descriptions that inform and, where possible, build an emotional connection with the buyer. There are hundreds of ways to describe a product, we describe your products so that the customer sees value in them.

Be brave and let others follow the herd. Our copy makes your products and services stand out in a good way because we use our own, unique ideas. We also keep an eye out for consumer trends and research buying behaviours.


Website copy

Website copy needs to be sharp to get a visitor’s attention but people also like to scroll, dig a little deeper once they’ve found something on your website that interests them. Our copywriters find the right balance for you. The have experience of story creation, user journey optimisation, split testing, heatmapping and, very importantly, search engine optimisation. After all, people have to find your product marketing copy first before they can convert.

Save time and generate more business through your website – our copywriters make it happen.


Print copy

Generally speaking, readers tend to spend more time on print content. The hard part is usually to get people interested enough so that they pick up a printed document or publication in the first place. That’s why many successful product marketing strategies combine online and offline. There are many differences between copy optimised for print and copy optimised for digital use. For example, sentences should be shorter in online versions so that the reader can easily read them on their mobile. We have specialists who understand all those differences, so that when you decide you want printed product collateral, the extra money spent on paper and print is well worth it.


Taglines & slogans

Taglines and slogans bring across a key product message in just a few words, words that ideally stick in people’s head. They are one of the most powerful marketing tools but they’re also very hard to create. Such copy requires a deep understanding of the audience, the product or service and the business itself. It typically takes quite a few brainstorming sessions and time to come up with something powerful.

We focus on communicating the value our clients add to their customers and aim to boost sales by creating an emotional connection between a brand and its audience.



Content localisation

What works in one culture often doesn’t work in another, even when the cultures aren’t that different at all. We offer content localisation for clients who are expanding into the German-speaking region or the UK. We localise, for example, websites,landing pages, blog posts, corporate brochures, social media posts and company presentations.