Most companies want media coverage and online engagement. The problem is that typically they don't always have something newsworthy to say. That's where we come in. We combine our creativity and PR experience with what a business wants to communicate and focus on data to secure wide media coverage.


Performance-based PR

We know how to create stories that work for our clients

ood PR is about much more than just drafting and sending out press releases. It’s about nurturing relationships with journalists, bloggers and influencers, and providing them with material that adds value to their work. At Tonka, good PR is all about newsworthy topics, creative storytelling, knowledge, skills, speed and topicality. We find media opportunities and use them to create opportunities for our clients. We specialise in turning raw data into stories that resonate with our clients’ target audience. Our approach guarantees two things. On the one hand it ensures that there’s something genuinely new and newsworthy in every story and on the other hand it helps our clients position themselves as experts in their field.

In our experience, off-the-shelf communication solutions don’t have much impact because each business is different. Businesses have their own goals and ambitions. Therefore, our solutions are tailored to each client.

We aim to create long-term value through individual, commercially thought-through communication strategies and campaigns. As communication specialists, we’re honest, direct and work as part of our clients’ businesses.

Focused on results, data-driven, unconventional – that is what defines Tonka.


PR strategy

Whatever your goals, we have the resources to help you turn them into results. We understand what makes people tick, we’re experts in audience segmentation, and as a communications agency, we know communication goes both ways. We spend a lot of our time ‘listening’, observing and analysing what the media and people in general are saying, the language they use, their style and tone of voice, and the communications channels they prefer. Sometimes a press release really is enough, other times well-researched thought-leadership opportunities, speaking opportunities or webinars may be the answer. We can advise you.


Media relations

Media relations often form the foundations of successful business communications. That’s why we put a lot of time and effort into nurturing relationships with media outlets from the large broadsheets and broadcasting stations to the trade press, bloggers and the regional press. Some of our clients’ stories are quite complex and it’s very valuable to have journalists’ trust so that they’re happy to invest time understanding more complex subject matters. By having regular conversations with the media, we also ensure that our distribution lists are always up to date.


Online communications

A solid online presence is now more important than ever. The reach of online communications is unmatched in the offline world, plus businesses can engage with their audience in so many ways and throughout the day. The online space has its own charateristics though and just doing anything doesn’t necessarily generate results, the right results. We’re here to help you find the right channels and communicate effectively online. And that isn’t all, we use our SEO skills to get our clients high-quality backlinks to boost their website traffic.


Influencer marketing

While the term ‘influencer marketing’ is still relatively new, the concept of influencer relations has probably been around for as long as we’ve been around. The idea is simple, you aim to get the trust – the ‘buy-in’ – of someone who has the ear of a group of people that’s of interest to you.

It requires a lot of sector knowledge, research and time to build an influencer programme. We at Tonka can speed up the process for you because we’ve already built relationships with relevant bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers. For our clients, our contacts are your contacts.


Blogger relations

Businesses that are already using bloggers as part of their marketing strategy know the value they add. The key thing we always explain to businesses that haven’t got any experience of working with bloggers is that bloggers are no longer niche. Blogging is now a mainstream, professional form of communications.

Tonka can introduce you to bloggers who have an influence on your audience (blogger outreach) and we’ll help you come up with ideas and content that will get bloggers’ attention. Our large network also allows us to get you on relevant bloggers’ product comparison or resource lists. And we work with bloggers to get our clients mentioned in their social media posts.


Content & data-driven PR

All PR is content but what we mean by content-driven PR is that we create a story for a product or service that in itself wouldn’t be something the media would be interested in – it’s something we use when there’s no news angle, it’s a great tool for generating brand awareness and establishing a business or person as a thought-leader. Businesses also use our stories for their website, blogs and social media.

Data-driven PR is hugely popular, especially now that the media are increasingly after visual content. Data is good for headlines, infographics and other content-led imagery. Similar to content-driven PR, data-driven PR typically generates more engagement. That’s something that we harness in cooperation with our clients’ digital teams. We generate backlink opportunities for them and advise on or provide content for user journeys coming from backlink traffic, mostly helping businesses create effective landing pages to increase conversion.



Our team is always on the lookout for hot topics. If we find a topic that is attracting significant interest and matches what our clients want to communicate we issue a statement. That way our clients benefit from the interest and noise that’s already out there, with minimal effort on the clients’ side. realtimePR strengthens a business’s position as a thought-leader and go-to person in their field.


Product PR

New products and services flood into the market every day and it’s hard to keep track – even for journalists covering a particular industry sector. Product PR communicates why the media and their audiences should look at a new product, what it adds to the market and what its features are.



This part of the communications spectrum is about meeting people face to face in the real world, not online. Events are an opportunity to elevate a business’s position as a thought-leader and to really own the conversation. They are also an opportunity to have quick chats and interviews with a range of relevant journalists and bloggers, and to strengthen a business’s relationship with them.


International PR support

To increase a business’s profile beyond national borders, Tonka offers global communications support. This can be just for testing the waters or for full-on global campaigns. We have experience of researching and positioning stories that work on the global stage.


Seminars & workshops

For more effective external communications, we offer workshops and train all relevant members in our clients’ teams. That can involve media training for spokespeople, training to optimise the use of communication tools and tactics or even the structuring of a business’s communications function. We share our approach to creative thinking and the ins and outs of media relations, including how to implement efficient processes and understanding how media organisations work. With training from our senior communication professionals, businesses have every chance to get more out of their internal PR function.


Radio & television

Radio and television attract mass audiences and enjoy immense popularity. They are a means for businesses to quickly increase brand awareness. The stories we develop for our clients work just as well on radio and television as they work online or in print. The combination of product messages and interesting facts or data creates the kind of content that works for any kind of media outlet.


Monitoring & reporting

Tonka continuously tracks all the media coverage our stories achieve (media screening). We list the coverage and report on the reach of each publication as well as the social media engagement client stories have generated. Where we’ve secured a backlink, that’s also listed.


Tonka Topics

Tonka Topics is all about newsworthy media stories. Our creative team finds topics that the media will want to cover and researches them to build a complete story around the topic. Where possible, we base the stories around data, either data we source ourselves or client data. Tonka Topics is great for achieving wide media coverage.


Crisis communication

Too often businesses think about their crisis communication when they’re already in a communication crisis. A far better approach would be to plan ahead, anticipate what could cause such a crisis and act before a business gets itself into one. We can develop with you a communications plan for crisis situations and even take on your business communications should things get a bit more challenging.